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Upon completion of the training, one signs a sublicense with Brain Gym® International (or an Approved Affiliate) allowing instructors/consultants to use the BRAIN GYM trademark in their title, “licensed Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant”. All licensed instructors are independent contractors, and are required to do the following in order to maintain a valid sublicense:

Core Curriculum

Brain Gym® International/the Educational Kinesiology Foundation in Ventura, California has been overseeing the development of the Educational Kinesiology profession since 1987. Initial licensing encompasses four levels of training, available around the world and in more than fifty languages, and is built around the following core curriculum:

  • Brain Gym® 101
  • Brain Gym® 101 review
  • Four Brain Gym 101 case studies
  • 201 Optimal Brain Organization
  • 301 Edu-K In Depth Course
  • Three In Depth case studies
  • 401 The Brain Gym® Teacher Practicum
  • Edu-K electives (16 hours)
  • Courses in anatomy or kinesiology (14 hours - it is recommended to participate in TFH 1 & 2 in order to be ready for Edu-K Indepth Material)


Description of Curriculum Levels

Brain Gym® International courses are categorized into one of five levels:

  • 100 Level: Introductory courses - present basic movements and processes. Open to all.
  • 200 Level: Intermediate courses - build on the content learned in Brain Gym® 101. Prerequisite is BG101.
  • 300 Level: Advanced courses - develop skills for working with others. Prerequisites vary.
  • 400 Level: Professional Courses - deepen the knowledge base of the Brain Gym work for instructors. Generally a valid license is required.
  • 500 Level: Teacher Training courses - prepare licensed instructors to teach other courses on the Brain Gym® curriculum. Requires valid Brain Gym license in addition to other relevant coursework.