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Having Difficulty in Body Coordination, No More

Before hearing about Brain Gym method, Derry was having difficulties in coordinating his body because of Multiple Sclerosis. He experienced a hard time in maintaining his body to walk straight. Even he also missed his nose when he wanted to scratch it. 

Thanks to Brain Gym - balance by using centering dimension, to be exact - Derry can put a smile back on his face since he doesn't experience difficulty in coordinating his body, no more!

Maya Danubrata, Brain Gym Instructor who gave balance to Derry


Comfortable with Balance Activity

For a woman, breast lump has always considered to be concerned about. That was exactly what happened to MS, a mother and an elementary school teacher in Denpasar, Bali. She already went to a doctor to examine her breast lump, but then she still didn't feel relieved. Seeing her feeling so painful, I encouraged myself to help by using Brain Gym method. I did a pre-check by using PACE activity and steps in X-pand balancing. Not long after, the cause of pain was found - weakening of focus dimension, especially in occiput and back of knee areas - which was felt because of exhaustion of doing household activities and day job.

After doing Hand Activation and Gravitation Sliding that she chose in balancing activity for about 15 minutes, she did feel an improvement. Feeling so comfortable and happy, she decided to do those two movements frequently, accordance to her needs.

Dwi Hartanti, Brain Gym Instructor