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Welcome to Bali, Indonesia!

Indonesia, the Nusantara archipelago – consists of 17,508 islands with 33 provinces in total area of 1,919,440 sq km (741,100 sq mi), the 4th largest Asian country after China, India and Saudi Arabia.
There are 5 biggest islands : Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan (Borneo), Sulawesi (Celebes) and Irian Jaya (Papua) with 259 million people.
Bali is a province – famous as “the island of gods”. With its beautiful panorama and abundant beauty, all the richness of a tropical island belongs to the Balinese.
Smiles, flowers, colours, dances and again – beauty – are those belong to the people of Bali. 
Bali traditional dance is an integral part of Balinese culture where the Balinese themselves take them very seriously. In fact, Balinese dances like Kecak dance, Barong dance, Kebyar Duduk, and Legong Keraton are famous all over the world. The lifestyles of Balinese people are expressed in their dance. Not only do we learn about the Balinese religion from their dance creations but also we can come to understand the flow of life course.
Either terracing paddy fields or the wide open pacific ocean, the surrounding nature of Bali is always breath taking!
Balinese massage and spas are highly praised and endlessly gained respect from wellness experts all over the world. Combined with their traditional scrub spices and aromatic oils, the experience of massage and pampering yourself becomes unforgettable. 
2013, “Balance in Abundance” Year
“Balance in Abundance” is most appropriate for the Indonesian character since the richness of our diversity will guide all efforts towards individual achievements as well as national welfare in all aspects of life. 
Annual conference is held to:
  • Increase and develop knowledge, horizon, and updated information for Brain Gym® students, instructors and participants of 80 countries around the world.
  • Increase the competency, integrity and independency of the existing instructors. 
  • Be the ‘melting pot” of members of international faculty edu-k, members of the board and executive body to establish policies, curriculum, discussion on related matters to affiliate bodies.


The general program of the conference will be:

  • International faculty meetings with the board and executive body 3 days prior to the conference. 
  • Opening of the conference
  • Key note speakers’ sessions ( 2-3 hours  each day)
  • Panel workshops simultaneously in 3 different rooms, 1.5 hours for each workshop.
  • Post conference workshops or trainings. Since their intensive contents, these activities may need 1-3 days.
Executive Teamwork of 2013 Conference:
  • Head of the Team  :  Ike Sugianto 
  • Secretary General :  Henry Remanlay 
  • Vice Secretary General :  Tan Shot Yen
  • Treasurer: Esty Djatmiko                      
  • Head of Department:
    1. Transportation : I Made Sutamadja
    2. Program and Leisure : Dwi Hartanti
    3. Registration : Budiyanto Sutedja, Yanti Novita , Siti Jaenab, Gunadi Setyadarma
    4. Scientific Sessions : Maya Danubrata, Tien Hadi
    5. Documentation : Wina
    6. Sponsorship: Lely Tobing, Taka
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